Sunday, November 27, 2011

Honey Q

   Who would have thought that having a few days off in a row would help me reduce the back log of quilting jobs.  Just wrapped up this one.  And have two on the banister that I have drawn out in my mind.  Beleive me that is the hardest part of custom quilting.
And I just have to say...Quilter's Coop has the greatest customers.  In case you don't know it one thing that Joann has always instilled in everyone who works for her is the customer comes first.  I think we are known for going the extra mile to help clients pick out borders, binding or heck sometimes the entire quilt.  Recently, Peggy brought me this lovely wool pin cushion as a thank you for the help we always give her when she comes in.
Like I said, we have the greatest customers.  Thank you Peggy, this little lamb has found a good home and makes a wonderful addition to my pin cushion collection.  May you all have a peace filled week,  Laural

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