Wednesday, November 30, 2011


   Good Morning,  A little different today as I'm covering a work shift at the shop.   So that's what I'll be workin on this Wednesday.  Of course there is always time before I leave to put something on the Honey Q and get a bit of quilting done.
This one needs to be done soon, and I'm sad to report that if I hadn't done a fair amount of "un-sewing" it would be ready right now.
I also wanted to share this beautiful piece of quilt art by Elvia from the Fallbrook guild.  She shared it at our last "sup n sew" and I'm so glad she did.
Lastly, I'm still awaiting my Pinterest invite!  I have submitted a request to become a pin head and can't wait to get my invite.  PS, if anybody can help with this...I'm just sayin.

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Bowbailey said...

I just think it is so weird that you have to be invited into Pineterest? I received my invite probably at the beginning of the year and haven't done a thing. I guess since everyone is talking about it, I better get involved.