Sunday, December 18, 2011

Who's pinning who?

   About a month ago I spent an hour looking through photos posted on Cheri Payne's Pinterest account.  You know, you follow blogs, there's a picture you like or a post you read and the next thing you know its an hour later and you have been on this fascinating journey through the internet.  So now I pin, and you can follow them by clicking the link to the right of this post.  But my first encounter, the thing that got me so interested is this little red bird.
And not being happy with the other ornaments I made, I'm now making little wool birds from the free online pattern I got from that pin.
Now the template said blow it up 100% but I did 200% because I wanted a larger bird.  There were no directions and I loved the colors Cheri made hers in.
I decided to sew them on the machine, making sure to catch the twine hanger in the stitching.  Leave a bit of opening in the bottom to stuff some poly fil into.
 Then back on the machine to seal that up.
The hand sewing really makes these cute. 
 Add a wing to both sides of the body using a whip stitch in gold.
Then sew the eyes on making sure to sew through to the other side and catch that one.
Looks like a crawfish.  Then use a blanket stitch and go all around your little red bird ornament.
This is one of thousands of ideas on Pinterest.  I hope you find it as fascinating as I did and become a pin head yourself.  If you do, let me know I'd love to "follow" you.  Have a very peace filled week.  Laural


Ruby Jean said...

So very cute...Yes, Pinterest is an AMAZING place and I often find myself Getting lost in Pins... :)

Bowbailey said...

These are just beautiful! Oh I forgot, of course they'd be beautiful you made them!!!

bittomom said...

Your bird tutorial is great...thanks!
I also got started on Pinterest a while ago due to Cheri Payne's link from her blog....and now I'm totally hooked...I can spend way too many hours there....follow me if you'd like....I am now following you.
Maureen Bitto