Wednesday, December 21, 2011


   Let's be honest it is waaayyy too close to Christmas to be making any big sewing projects.  And like you I have last minute errands to run, gifts to wrap and menus to plan.  So this Wednesday that is what I'll be working on.  But I'll share with you one of my favorite Christmas quilts.
I took this as a class from Susan Priliou back in 2007.
It was a two parter and I missed lesson two because the kids and I got on a plane to Australia.
The missed class did nothing to deter me from completing this quilt.
 I mixed homespuns with Civil war and threw in a few Nancy Halvorsen fabrics.
The embroidery and rusty bell adornments make this stinking cute.
It's called "Christmas Friends" by Lynette Anderson.
 From the book Friends for Christmas
Remember to take a break for yourself,
 look through a magazine or book,
 and day dream 
about getting back to a long lost project. 

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