Sunday, January 22, 2012

Road Trip part II

   As promised here are some of the quilts that made an impression on me.  The girls and I spent as much time taking in the beauty of the quilts as we did shopping the vendors.  I'm glad we did.
     Owls are always a hoot.
 Can you imagine the woman hours it took to complete this?
"Come September" by our sewing sister Barbara Cascelli.  This is her Golden anniversary quilt.
"Dresden's Dilemma" by Deborah Poole and Sharon Del Pino.  Deborah finished a quilt her Aunt Sharon started, they both did a fabulous job.
 "The Loading Dock" made and quilted by Mary S. Buvia from Greenwood Indiana.  This quilt touched my heart because Mary stitched so much of it during her late husband's chemo treatments.  How many of us have stitched quilts to the beep, beep, beep of hospital monitors?
 "Turkish Delight"  made and quilted by Mrs. Helen W. Butler from Alpine Utah.  Truly amazing.

Mr. David Taylor entered and won first place for "Marmalade's First Snow".  

I saw him speak at the Fallbrook quilt guild once and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although he didn't give away any of his wonderful applique' secrets.  Have a peace filled week.  Laural 

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Newbie Jen said...

I loved that cathedral windows quilt too. I always wanted to make one myself, but haven't had the time. She really did a lovely job on that one.