Friday, January 20, 2012

Road Trip

   Road trip to Road!  We wait all year for this quilt show and it never disappoints. Lets start with the vendors.  Love, love love Heart to Hand.
This new wool project was one of our favorites.  
 Now I added this because someday I'll make a fairy frost quilt and add some sparkle.  It would be fun and it seems to be the trend.
 Stars and Scraps quilt shop, you could hardly get in this booth.
I'm hoping that the reason they were so busy is because they had my pattern "God Shed" kitted up.
 In the main hall was Quilter's Coop.  The girls did such a great job of displaying all the quilts they have been so frantically working on.  Isle 200 if you are heading to the show this weekend.
I really came by the booth to see Carolyn Evan's sample.  She does beautiful work and this museum piece was stunning.  Great job ladies.
 Are you ready?  Because I am going to share with you the hottest item of the show...
That's right sparkling crystal lanyard!  I bought a pale pink one to match my cupcake earrings and you couldn't walk down an isle without seeing these everywhere.  That's it for today, stay tuned for Sunday's post when I will share a few of my favorite quilts from the show.  Have a great weekend.

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mary said...

i shoulda bought one too!!!! i like this hot item better than the spool sproingers!