Saturday, February 25, 2012

Honey Q

   We have had the craziest winter, most days have been clear and sunny and ranging in the high 70's.  So when it dipped down to 60 this weekend and the clouds moved in, it felt like the perfect time to put a quilt on the Honey Q.  Luckily there was one handy that needs quilting.  This is Sheri's baby quilt.
The pattern is called "Smitten" by Rachel Griffith and the fabric line is Puttin' on the Ritz by Moda.
 Now this hexagon quilt doesn't need quilting but when I was changing out my quilts I uncovered this one made by my great granny.
 She taught hand quilting well into her 80's.  I don't think we ever visited her when there wasn't a quilt frame set up with a quilt, loaded and ready to finish.
Funny, fabrics have changed, quilt designs are different and the tools we use certainly don't resemble those of Great Granny's era, but the reason we do this remains the brings us joy.  Have a peace filled week.  Laural 

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Anonymous said...

I adore the quilt made by your great-granny. What a wonderful treasure to have. I have a quilting book called "Women and their Quilts" and I love reading the stories and seeing the pictures of these lovely old women and the quilts they made years ago.