Sunday, February 12, 2012

Road Trip

   Every February our local quilt guild holds their show.  Many of these ladies sew in the shop on a regular basis so you get a good feel for the kinds of quilts that they do and they do some wonderful applique'.  Needless to say we look forward to seeing what the girls have entered and they never cease to amaze.  The isles are crowded with familiar faces and quilting aficionados.
 Right off the bat we spot two award winning Les Petite mini quilts.   
 A close up view of the Blue ribbon winner by Pat.  I'm not familiar with her but I think she needs to join our sun bonnet sue sewing group.
 Love the red work embroidery.  I had to buy this pattern and at least make one block.  It is an original design by Cathy Parker for Quilting Bee Designs.  The blocks finish 14" x 18" perfect size for a wall hanging in my sewing room.  This quilt was made by Helen Mitchell.
 The miniature quilts always catch my eye.  I don't see myself making one but I can certainly appreciate all the hard work and teeny tiny pieces that go into making one.
 Ardie Skjod made this quilt called "Yo Yo Rows".  
 Its the black background that makes this one of my favorites from the show.
 And Mary always appreciates a great pieced Civil War quilt, so much so she had to pose in front of one.
 The view from the front of the hall had some show stoppers as well.  Like this grandmother's flower garden quilt which must have taken years to complete.
And to the left of that quilt is a familiar little quilt...
 It's my Les Petite and she won...
 The President's Choice ribbon! (pink no less, me likey)
To be continued...


mary said...

OH YES!!! I DO appreciate a civil war quilt (YOU SET ME UP!!!)

Laural Lane said...

No, not me.

Sherri said...

So many great quilts! Congrats!

Bowbailey said...

It was a priviledge to be there when you saw your quilt pinned with that winning ribbon!!! You deserve the recognition of your peers and trust me when I say, we wish we had even 1/100th of your talent... Can't wait to see what you come up with for next year.