Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tutorial-Transferring Embroidery Designs

   I need to make a sample for a "potential" new client and the pattern I'm choosing to make uses a fabric which is nearly impossible to see through.  This gives me a great opportunity to demonstrate how you can transfer an embroidery design when using a light source like a window or light box still doesn't allow you to see the design you need to transfer.  This is called acetate layover.  You will need a clear, smooth, strong sheet of plastic.
 Place the plastic on top of the design you wish to transfer.  In this case my "Friends Reach" pattern.
 Use a permanent marker like a sharpie and carefully trace the design onto the acetate (plastic).
 With your design completely transferred you will need to center it on TOP of the fabric you wish to embroidery on.  I'm using the piece of tea stained canvas which comes in the friends reach kit.
 This part is very important...change pens!  I'll now use my frixon transfer pen to put the design onto the fabric.  With one hand holding the acetate in place I carefully lift up a side of the plastic and use the design above as my guide to trace the design.
 Take it slow and soon you will get the hang of it.
 Until finally the entire design has been transferred.  I have shifted the acetate on the next photo to show you that the writing is in place.
You don't have to go out and buy a roll of acetate, which can be purchased at art stores.  I often use page protectors as I have those handy.   Well I hope this helps you the next time you are struggling with a pattern that has been printed on card stock or you're using a fabric like sandcastle.  Have a peace filled week.  Laural

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