Tuesday, February 21, 2012


   Good morning.  No matter how much packing and prepping you do for a class invariably something is forgotten or a fabric selection which looked so appealing at home now seems not quite right.  This is my dilemma  today.  I will be reworking the background of block one in the Comforts and Joy class that I've started attending.  I was able to complete the flying geese row.  Although I did borrow that top red goose from Mary.
 And I'll replace the light grey background with this darker version.  
 The layout is a bit more pleasing, but something is still not quite right?
 The door!  Needs a red door.
I'll be working on the balance of the applique' today, there is still a tree, flag, bird and few other things that may not make it on this block.  I may have been distracted by the deliciousness of baked goods that Julie provided for us.
  Next time less drooling more sewing.


mary calton said...

It looks good! Now i want a piece from you to put in my quilt!!

Lynn said...

I absolutely love your selection of fabrics for your class. Perfect!

Laural Lane said...

Thanks Lynn, I'm trying to use up some of my Lecien stash.