Friday, March 30, 2012

Anatomy of a New Design

   Inspiration for a new pattern comes from many sources.  When I was putting out the Easter decorations, quilts being the prominent amongst them, I was aware that I don't have a spring table runner.  So I'm going to begin working on that soon to be runner pattern.  It begins with a sketch.
 I didn't say it was a good sketch.  I jot down the "idea" at least as I see it.  That in no ways means it will turn out this way.  For this runner I want to take a charm pack...
 this spring colored one will due.  Moda Athill Range from Cabbages and Roses, has lovely pastels.  It is missing a green and yellow so I might have to pull from the stash to add a bit of that.
 I work out the piecing part of the pattern first as that often dictates how large an area I will use for any applique' or embroidery.  I want to sub cut these charm squares into 1 1/2" x WOF.
 So I did that and now I will separate them into color ways.  I want to pair three of them and those will become my blocks.
 Strip piece the sets.
 Take a measurement and I can already see that "Houston we have a problem".  I want these blocks wider than this so that I don't have a lot of waste when I square them up.
 Good thing there are extra strips laying about and now I'll add a fourth.  I keep paper and pen next to my sewing station so that I can create notes on the pattern as I sew/cut/change and create.
 The squares ended up being 4 1/4" and my plan is to sash with cream and rotate each block.  I like to lay everything out so I can judge the width of the sashing.
I'm going with 2 inches.   That's it for today as I have more sub cutting to do.  Stay tuned as I continue to work on the "Spring Time Runner" pattern.

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mary calton said...

I'm likin' it, love the colors, they are so springy, do you have that line in the store?

But, i do not like the word "anatomy"


will there be any applique?