Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Runner Part 2

  I've added the two pieces of sashing between the blocks.
 I really like to mark my rows because I have a tendency to turn them around once I walk from the layout  wall to the sewing machine.  I use my frixon pen because all I have to do is hit it with the iron and the writing is gone. Take a measurement through the center of the row and...
 sub cut the sashing that will go between the rows 2" wide.
 Pin sashing in place and sew.
 Alright that's done and I have connected each row.
 Another measurement through the center will give me the length to cut the side borders.
I've pinned this one with the border fabric on the bottom.  I want to make sure that I catch those pressed seams in the correct direction.  Use a stiletto to feed the block seams under your pressure foot.

 Press seams open and another measurement through the center will give me my top and bottom lengths.
 Before I cut these I've still got to work out the applique' and two paper pieced blocks that I want to include.  I'm off to sketch a bit more before I continue with this.  Have a peace filled week,  Laural

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