Sunday, April 1, 2012

Anatomy of a New Design Part 3

   From the conceptual beginning of this pattern I've known two things...One, I want to include a hummingbird.  Also I forgot to mention my best friend when it comes to pattern designing my copy machine.  I've drawn up the specks for a paper pieced hummingbird but the block finishes 4" and I want this one a bit larger.
 Transfer the design onto sandwich paper (available at Smart and Final).  This design needs to be sewn into three segments, before I cut them apart I make sure to mark them with registration lines so I can rematch them when its time to sew the pieces back.
 You need the Add a Quarter and in this case the Add an Eighth rulers to trim up the seams.  I've pulled some fabrics which compliment the pastels in the runner and also make a nice hummingbird.
 This won't be a tutorial on paper piecing, there are plenty of those out there.  I do however like to pin my fabric in place so there is no chance of shifting.
 Reducing the stitch length to 1.5 or 1.8 makes it easier to tear the paper away once the block is complete.
 Also switch out the pressure foot.  This one with the arrow is helpful to stitch on the lines.
 Use the add a quarter to trim up your seams (before sewing).  Use the add an eight to trim up after you sew the seam (reduces the bulk in small pieces).
 Section A is complete, but the belly fabric is too light, I'll change that for the next bird.
 Section B is complete.
 And so is C.
 Sew the three sections together square up the block and now I need to work out the placement of this little guy/gal.
Now that brings me to #2 that needs to be included in this runner, sweet peas, my mom's favorite flowers.  That's what I'll work on next.

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