Thursday, April 5, 2012

Part 4 of "Will it ever be a pattern?"

    The hummingbirds now need to be pieced into the runner.  I'm taking measurements and adding one small piece and a second much larger piece.
Now they can be attached one to each end (facing inward).
 Using photo resources on the net I find some reference pics of sweet peas.
Use the photos to make a pencil sketch.   I like my design to be simple so that if I chose to do the flowers and leaves in applique' I won't have too many tiny little pieces to construct.
Once I'm happy with the pencil sketch I will ink the design.  This is also when I will clean up the lines and make any editing decisions.
Ron made me this giant light box years ago, so simple but incredibly useful.   
Transfer the design, right now I'm using my frixon pen to trace it but things may change if I go another route.
The sweet peas have landed and it is decision time.
I am debating on using crayons to color in the flowers and leaves.  It would make a nice pastel pallet which I like and would go together quicker than applique'.   Well you will have to wait for part 5 to see what I decide to do.  Did you ever think it would take this much to get a little spring table runner made?  Now you know why designers are charging $10.00 for patterns.

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