Saturday, March 10, 2012

Honey Q

      It has been such a nice weekend.  The weather is lovely and the kids are getting along.  Seems like the perfect occasion to put a spring quilt on the Honey Q.  Luckily Susan needed this one done for a baby shower so away we go.
 The center medallion is a delicate bunny with flowers in an egg.  I'm going to draw some grid lines and cross hatch this just as they did in the original.
 Like so.  The next step is to add some feathers that frame the egg.  
 And finally I'll just stipple to the edges.  The billing for this will be tricky since only a small portion is custom quilted, but hey that's what a calculators for.
 If you like this design the pattern is from Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection American Patchwork & Quilting April 2010.
 I've also seen this done with civil war fabrics and it was just as adorable.  Next up for the Honey Q is a bold and modern quilt from a new client, I'm excited to get started on it.  Have a peace filled week.  Laural


Bowbailey said...

The bunny quilt is amazing!! I know the grandma who will be presenting this gift to her granddaughter is going to be thrilled, more than you know. I just saw this same quilt made on someone else's blog. I'll send you a photo in an e-mail.

Kerry said...

Now that is some fantastic quilting you and Honey Q are doing!!!