Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tutorial-Applique' Sort of

   While working on the design of my newest patterns I ran into a bit of a quandary.  To make my applique' I have pieced some fabric with about 100 1" squares.  Because of all the seams I needed to do the applique' in what I call, now this is the official name "the innie outie method".   Here's how it is done.  Go out to your laundry room and grab a dryer sheet.
Transfer the design, in reverse, onto the dryer sheet using a marker.

Center this on the right side of pieced fabric square.
Reduce your stitch length to 1.5, 1.8 or 2.0, depending on how many curves you need to go around.
You will sew ALL THE WAY around the design, no gaps, no turning opening.  Also sew just a hair on the outside of the line.
Lock down your stitch when you end.  Trim away excess fabric.  I use pinking shears if there are lots of curves and I still clip those curves.  Now make a turning slit with scissors in the center of your applique'. Not too big, just an inch or two.
If you have an accident prone child ie: big boy, then you probably have a pair of hemostats laying around.  Not only are they great for removing stitches and staples but they work really well when turning doll parts or in this case applique'.
Now the dryer sheets are very fragile and will tear easily. Be very careful when turning.  A chopstick will help push out any corners.
Once turned press from the front.
Besides locking down all those little seams this method reduces the bulk that a piece of applique' like this can create.  It isn't something I use often but certainly came in handy in this case.


Gert said...

Wow! That is a great idea! thanks for sharing!


Laural Lane said...

Thank you Gert I'm so glad you found it helpful.

mary calton said...

a used dryer sheet or new?? (as if i am sewing together those 1 inch sq!)-is there gonna be a scottie dog in this one?!