Wednesday, March 7, 2012


   It's an applique' kind of day.  I saw this pattern at the shop and thought to myself...I'm not making that!  This is a row by row quilt "Memory Lane" by Painted Pony n'Quilts.
 But the more I looked at it the more I saw the potential for a wonderful pillow.  I mean look at that little scotty dog.
They are big enough to be the centerpiece of a rectangle pillow done in 30's fabrics.  I'll piece some blocks all around the outside and add a ruffle.  Can't you just picture it?
 The background is a white with red dot, very retro.
 Of course I couldn't get anything done without my bucket of applique' tools.
Since I'm sharing...I've been struggling with shoulder pain since Thanksgiving.  While looking for a shoulder harness at the local sporting goods shop I was steered towards this tape that the, and I quote, "Olympians" use.  Well say no more and make mine hot pink.  
Now if the kids would just stop being freaked out just because I ask them to tape mom up.


mary said...

oooo, a scottie dog?? i want to do that too!! i am gonna make a pillow too!!! whats in that bucket o applique too.s? i want those! i'm gonna get right to this today!!!

Bowbailey said...

This pillow is going to be adorable! I worked on prepping some applique for another BOM last night also - don't want to get behind.