Thursday, March 1, 2012


   Haven't felt like I needed a Friday to arrive as much as I need this one.  Normally I'll save a what I'ma workin on for Wednesday's post but I'm feeling like something new, something fun, something that makes me smile and can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.  Lets plan is to make another little 13" quilt.  I grab the freezer paper and cut it down to the size I need so I can start sketching.
 Whilst pinning one evening I ended up on Etsy and the next thing I knew I impulsively purchased this downloadable PDF pattern called "Candy Land Lane" by Aimee Ray.
 It's the cutest little gingerbread house but its done in 3D.  I'm going to make it 1D and here's what I've come up with using Aimee's design.
 I pulled some fabrics from the stash and I believe I'm ready to start making the applique' templates.
OK, I am well aware that it is not Christmas but look how stinking cute this is.  If you really must have some spring here is a little quilt I made a few years ago, inspired by JoAnn Mullaly its what's hanging today.
My antique heater has been invaded by these little critters.
So yes, spring has sprung but I'm going back to that gingerbread quilt.  Have a great weekend.  Laural

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