Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's Hangin and Other Such

   I know we have passed St. Patricks Day and we are headed into Easter but before March slips away I wanted to share with you the lovely surprises we received from our teacher at the Fat Quarter's class with Julie Isa.   At each table, and frankly when does she sleep, was a cake plate with themed cupcakes and a goody bag.
 Outside the pouring rain did nothing to dampen our class time fun and made the flowers bloom brightly.
 While hanging my Easter quilts I still enjoy seeing the Rabbits Prefer Chocolate from Bunny Hill Designs which I made almost 6 years ago now.
I remember enjoying the hunt of tracking down each of those fabrics which Anne Sutton had used in the original. Now I'm learning to pull from my stash and be happy with "close enough".
It's nice to see that this quilt isn't out dated yet.
 I hadn't learned the starch applique' method yet when I made "Rabbits", nope still doing needle turn.
Happy Spring everyone and please have a peace filled week.  

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