Thursday, March 22, 2012

Honey Q

   At first I couldn't figure out why when I have gone almost two months without any quilts to do that in the last two weeks it seems everybody has been over to drop off quilts.  These are just a few that I have finished this week.
Lorie's Hexagon quilt
I did an all over swirl pattern.
Coop sample Bunny Runner.
Due ASAP this breast cancer opportunity quilt.
Each block machine embroidery.
Ashley's birthday quilt due right away.

Blue bird mini quilt, if I had time I'd make one for myself.
Another Easter quilt!  
I guess I've figured out what the big rush is all about.  Easter's on its way.   Also, if I could just say it was very very nice to receive all the prayers, love and support through these past difficult days.  Thank you friends.  Laural

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mary calton said...

yay!! i'm famous!! Look at those awesome easter quilts, can't wait to see the quilting up close!!! thanks so so much!