Monday, April 9, 2012

Honey Q

   Holiday weekend or not the need to feed the family continues.  I was quilting away like a mad woman and actually got a few on and off the Honey Q.   I know that Dawn needed this for a very special baby.
 Sharon and I are doing a trade out.  She needs this quilted and I need some rustic barn wood frames for the four samples I'm submitting to Primitives magazine.
 A late afternoon text from Susan and this quilt got moved to the top of the list.
 I think this daisy meander is a nice addition to the very trendy fabrics in this quilt.
 Alright, Marta's quilt has a deadline looming and I can't put it off any longer.
 I know she didn't need it for Easter.
 And that's a good thing because with all this applique' it will take me a week to finish.
This week is jam packed with work, quilting, Etsy, wholesale orders and finishing up that Spring runner design.   I'll try and sleep next week.

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