Friday, April 13, 2012

Let's Share

   I really love it when customers share with me their finished Simply Put projects.  And its a rare moment when I actually have my camera on me and can capture that moment.  Here are a few that have come across my lens in the past few weeks.  Jean (Left) the quilt maker and good friend Bridgid are show and telling "God Shed" (kits available on line).
 Joann who is in several of the applique' groups that meet at the shop, needed a label for her house warming gift.  I gave her an 8x10 rendition of "Both a Blessing" and here is her label.
 Speaking of "Both a Blessing", Dawn dropped this little wall hanging off for quilting a few days ago.  Good timing as I'm in between really big quilts and can get this one done in a flash.
Thank you ladies, for being customers and for sharing with me the gifts you have each made for someone special in your lives.  That is exactly why I started doing this.   Have a great weekend.

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mary c said...

so cute!! I want a handmade label!!! Especially cuz i always forget that part, so, can i order a label?