Wednesday, May 16, 2012


   Do you ever start working on something and then just lose your passion for the project?  Well that's what has happened to me with my Comfort and Joy quilt/class that I take once a month down at Fat Quarters. I'm just not lovin it any more.  So this morning what I'ma workin on is getting my mojo back with this quilt.  I'm two blocks behind.  Most of the pieced star was finished I just need to sew one last segment together and trim it up.
 Oh Santa, you still have no face, no shirt and you don't look very jolly.
 Hey, at least I had all the half square triangles that go around the santa block completed.  
 He's looking better already with just the one side of half squares sewn on.  I'm actually starting to like this again.
Dear Reader,  At this point I had an epiphany I just don't need another Christmas quilt.  But I do need a table runner.   And with that decision made my joy for this quilt came back.  I ripped apart the 9 patches and made a 4 patch.  Now I can add a tree, stick those flying geese on the right hand side. and this runner needs some crows.
I think with an outer border all around I just might have solved my problem with this project.  So I can hold my head high when I walk into class on Saturday with my mini project.  Next time you see this Santa should have a face, there will be a couple of birds and that tiny tree needs to get a bit bigger.  What a relief, this has been a productive Wednesday.

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Bowbailey said...

lets just face facts, that everything you touch turns to gold! Everyone is going to be so jealous at your Saturday class when they see this. I'm glad your mojo is back, I'm kind of still looking for mine.