Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Honey Q Weekend

When I get quilting out of the way is often determined by how many bags are piling up on the landing. This weekend the pile called to me and I had to answer.  So the Honey Q was busy with this bright little baby quilt, onto which I used a nice mature paisley pattern with swirl.
 A project Linus quilt for the hospital babies.
 Since there was pink thread already in the machine might as well do the other Linus quilt.
Lastly was Mushu's quilt.  
 We discussed the design and Elisabeth stated "Lori, do whatever is the least expensive, after all this quilt is for my pig".  So stipple it is.
And since I was also asked to attach the binding (which is a service I provide) but also to sew it down (not normally a service I provide).  I decided to try the machine binding method and used Mushu's quilt to experiment with this technique.  Using my walking foot I sewed right in the ditch on the front side of the quilt, hopefully catching the binding on the backside.  Fingers crossed.
 Hey it worked!!  
Not something I will use very often but it is good to have it in my bag of tricks.  Have a peace filled week.  Laural


Bowbailey said...

All the quilts look beautiful and quilted with love by you! We're very fortunate to have a talented quilter like you and so close to us. I hope Mushu loves his/her quilt!

Laurene said...

Aaw, I can't wait to see my quilted baby quilt! Also, I think you should do a tutorial on machine sewing the binding :-)