Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stitch Tips

   While adding a few borders yesterday I thought I would take a moment to share what I'm  sure most of you already know.  Adding a border:  get that tape measure out and measure your quilt through the center.  Nice and straight, on a seam if you have one.  Take that measurement, in the example shown 56", and cut your strip exactly that size (pieced if need be).  
I'm a fan of the pin, especially for adding borders.  Find the center of the border, the center of the side of the quilt and place your first pin there.  Now pin at the beginning and end of the strip.  Then through out the strip every 5 or 6 inches.  Sew in place.
 Lets just say that the length of the quilt is a smidge longer than that measurement you took.  It happens.  You are going to need to make that border fit. With the smaller piece on top as you approach the bottom of the quilt, stretch that fabric as much as needed to make those ends meet.
 Hold them taunt as you sew towards the end.  It should come out pretty close to what you need.
One more tip and this was passed on to me from Diana, my work buddy.   These little bobbin washers have really helped me with my quilting.
 My thread used to get wrapped around the interior of my bobbin case, or my stitches would slip.  By placing the little washer inside the bobbin case those issues have literally stopped.
Along with always ALWAYS adding a drop of oil when I change bobbins these little babies have really made my sewing life a bit easier.  


Candace said...

Great tip, Laurel! I've found that if you place the side that is slightly fuller than the other feed dog side down, the feed dogs will automatically take up the slack!

Laural Lane said...

Candace thank you for adding to the "stitch tip". That is exactly what I had hoped for when I started this blog. Keep Sewing! Laural