Saturday, July 21, 2012

Losing Another One

   Perhaps this post is premature, but we (the employees) have been told that our home away from home will be closing at the end of August.  If you have been anywhere near Southern California then you have definitely heard of Quilter's Coop.  Joann (the owner) has made this a destination quilt shop for 6 years now.
   It isn't a case of the economy hitting us hard or illness, she is ready to retire and all efforts to sell the business have been unsuccessful.  The closing of the Coop has so many ramifications, the friendship and philanthropic groups that meet there weekly will all have to find new homes.  The teachers and staff (me included) will be out pounding the pavement looking for jobs, not easy for us 50 somethings.  And the community of quilter's (customers) whom we have shared tears of laughter and of sorrow with will be deeply missed.
   As this chapter of my life ends, I am hopeful, that a new door will open up.  Meanwhile there is tons of work to be done as we discount the fabric and say our goodbyes.  Stop in and wish us well.  Laural


Bowbailey said...

Wow, this was a very supportive posting! Talking about holding your head high, this was amazing. I have a quote from Bob I'll forward you on monday regarding opening doors, but it's on my work email

Betty Lou said...

So sad to see quilt shops close, we actually had a new one open up last year. Hope it makes it. It must be hard to compete with all the internet sales. Internet is fine if you know what you want or need but your need a live person to guide you with you selection and answer questions.