Monday, July 23, 2012

When Girls Gather

   When did it go from quilting and sewing to sup-ing and chatting?  And more often than not the conversations seem to center around my fixation with cupcakes.  This weeks sup n sew group started out with a bang when Terry unveiled her dessert.
 Ohhh Bundtini's!  As a reminder this is the group that has a secret cupcake admirer who leaves me a "sweet" gift at the end of each evening.  This month's little treat is a ceramic container, big enough for candy.
 Just to show you how big the collection is getting...
Perhaps it's time for an intervention?  Since we are talking cupcakes, I have a tree skirt pattern and I'm reworking the cover photo.  Thankfully my volunteer sample maker (Susan) brought me the sample this weekend so that I could get it on the Honey Q and work on the photo.  Well in that bag was this little treat.
My tree skirt pattern done in cupcake fabrics!!  She left off the outer border and I added the giant hot pink rick rack.  This is going to look great wrapped around my pink tinsel tree.

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