Friday, August 31, 2012

Quilt Class-Graduation Day

  Well class, today is graduation day.  If you continue to practice, practice, practice within a few months you will feel confident enough in your quilting skills to ask your friends to let you do their table topper sized quilts.  And they won't see any of the flaws that you will know are there.
   Before class ends I wanted to share with you what to me is the hardest part of quilting.  Figuring out what to sew on a quilt.   I use many resources but my stash of quilting books are my favorite go to.
If you think the paper practicing is over, well I hate to tell you that to this day I fill sheets of paper with quilting design sketches.
The practice makes me confident that when I put thread to fabric (especially for someone else) the design will fit and add to the quilt not detract from it.
   As your quilting teacher this week I am so proud of all of you who came to class, did your homework and messaged me with your results.  Congratulations you have all passed with an A and a gold star.  Keep quilting and have a safe Labor Day weekend.  Laural


Betty Lou said...

Quilting for someone else, I don't see that in my future but being able to quilt my own small projects with something other than a cross hatch would please me. Thank you for tutorial. Practice, practice, practice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laural, I've enjoyed all the tutorials this week. Thanks for all the tips and tricks. I love your patterns and I look forward to seeing the new things you will be showing at the quilt show.