Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Show Teaser

   It's finally here, the last weekend before the show.  Am I ready?  Why, yes I am.  Friday was the first official pattern stuffing party (hoping for many more), and the ladies were great at following my somewhat "bossy" directions.  Thank you to all the volunteers.  Here are a few more teasers to get you to the show...
Window Pane quilt 
Table Runner Sample
And this is one of the six new designs I will be previewing at SDQS.  It is called "Becca's Bouquet" the finished size is 60x80.  Not what I normally do but I just fell in love with the new modern fabrics. 
  This quilt was made in honor of my dear friend Karens' daughter, Rebecca.  She has suffered for years with a debilitating illness and this year has been tougher than most.
One more week in the halo, you can do it!   
My next post will be from the floor of the convention center.

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Bowbailey said...

Can't wait to see what your booth will look like all set up!