Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WWW-Cupcake Pincushion

   What I'm workin on today, as part of the show prep, is samples.  I need to remake my cupcake pincushion pattern.  I grabbed a kit and began to sew.
Mark guide lines on the cupcake base.
 Sew them accordion style with a scant 1/8th inch seam.
 First one side then flip it over and repeat in between each seam.
 Trim your "cup" one edge pinked and the other straight.
 Now the hand sewing begins.  Whip stitch the bottom of the cup with matching thread.
 Make a giant yo yo from the "cake" fabric.  As you gather it, fill with polly fill.
 Sew cupcake top to base (by hand).
 Repeat with the cherry and before sewing the frosting onto your cupcake attach the cherry from the back side.  Slits were cut in the frosting to reduce the bulk from the front.
 Whip stitch the frosting in place after centering it onto your cupcake.
 Brush on some Modge Podge and before it dries...
 Sprinkle on some glass glitter!
 And that is how to make my cupcake pincushion.  These are great projects for girl scout troops and yes some of us grown women are partial to a sweet pincushion

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