Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilting as Therapy

   In the late 80's (stay with me here) I took a two month tour of Europe.  On that trip I met and became friends with a group of people who to this day still get together for reunions.  One of my favorite people from that trip was another girl from California, my friend Judy.
Karen, Jenny, Me and Judy (L to R) Australia reunion
   When I started my quilting career, Judy shared with me that her mother Marylin Brewster was an avid quilter.  Through Face Book and other mediums Marylin and I have corresponded and shared many quilting tips, tricks and treats.
Twin quilts for twin babies.
   The other day I received one such email filled with photos of the quilts she had made for friends and family members.
What wows me most about Marylin's quilting is that she  has an illness which causes her severe pain and has forced her to be bed ridden.
 Her quilts, from beginning to end, are all made by hand. 
I'm sharing those quilts with you today.
When life gives you scraps turn them into a quilt.  Marylin, thank you for sharing with me and inspiring me to keep going no matter how hard life gets.

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