Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tutorial-Square in a Square

  Working on a new design which will be featured in Primitive Quilts and More magazine, I need 44 square in a square blocks.  Here is how I'm making them...cut the background square the size you need in this case 3 1/2".  I need four squares to go in each corner of that block so I'm starting with a 4" square.
 Draw diagonal line on wrong side of corner square.
 Draw another diagonal line to form an X.
 Now sub cut the block in half vertically. 
 And again horizontally.  You now have your lines drawn through the diagonal on all four of your squares.
 Sew on the line or a hair to the right of that line, right sides together in one corner.  You can chain stitch if you have more than one block to do.
 Flip your block around and sew on the opposite corner square.  If you notice I use a sewing foot which has a little red arrow on it, this keeps me right on track following my diagonal line.
Set the seam with iron and remove excess fabric, center piece only.
 Press open.
 Repeat sewing last two squares to each corner.  First one...
 then the opposite.
 Again remove access fabric.
 Square block up to 3 1/2".  You can remove the rest of background fabric to reduce bulk, I leave it on as I feel this adds support to the block.
 And that completes one square in a square.
43 more to go.  

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