Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tutorial-Transferring a Quilting Design

As a hand guided quilter, meaning I move the quilt top in order to stitch it, you have to get creative when you want to repeat the same designs in each of the blocks on the quilt.  I have experimented with several ways of doing this and here are some of my favorites.  For borders, make a freezer paper template the length of your border, accordion fold it and cut out your design.  Then iron the shiny side to the quilt and use the template as your guide for accuracy.
 When I don't want to mark up a quilt, I will draw the design I want onto a piece of thin sandwich paper.  Stack as many as you need onto your sewing machine (minus thread) and with a reduced stitch length sew around the entire design, going through all 8 layers (or number needed).
 You will have a template of your design with small pin holes that you can now follow.
 Using blue painters tape (why can't it be pink?) hold the template in place.
 Sew on the dotted line.
 When completed tear away the paper, it comes off fairly easily.  
 Each block will have the same design which is the desired effect I was going for.
 Now if you don't mind marking up someone's quilt use your pen of choice and make a template of the design desired.  I usually use plastic template sheets but I was all out so I doubled up some freezer paper and traced around that.
 Then sew right on the red line and with this Frixon pen you use a hot iron and remove the ink.
I'll admit that I rarely mark a quilt or use templates as this seems to take more time than just sewing the darn thing.  But there is a time and place for everything and when I need the design to have continuity these are a few of my favorite techniques.  I would love to hear some of yours.

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