Friday, December 21, 2012

Twas the Weekend Before Christmas...

 ...and at my house the projects have piled up.  Instead of baking and decorating I'm stitching and sewing.  But I've had so many projects started for the new year that I just had to begin tackling a few of them.  The first is this grey and yellow baby quilt.
It was earlier in the year that the concept came about but it was this past weekend when I picked up just a few more fabrics, that the design took shape. For now I'll just keep sewing half square triangles.  Next up the table runner series needs a Valentine/St. Patty's Day set.
 The pinks and reds have been sewn and the paper pieced heart and applique' love birds are soon to follow.
The pin cushions which need finishing are ready for stitching.  Finally got the tin pans for my "pie" pincushions.  Does that count as baking?
Last but certainly not least, my friend Marcia lost a dear friend and wants a quilt made of her clothing.  I agreed to do the heavy lifting on this quilt since Marcia doesn't sew (I mean at all).
You would laugh if you saw the "blocks" she sent me.  I've had to back each piece with stabilizer, and re-cut each into a usable square.  100 down 20 to go.  
   So I'm staying in, keeping my mind busy and my hands busier.  This is a hard time of year for me.  I rarely write of my life as a widow, but sometimes its important to share the personal side of my life as it's often the catalyst for the creative side of me.  As families gather, to celebrate, reunited, I am painfully aware of how fractured my family is.  I miss Ron terribly, and no amount of sewing keeps that at bay for very long.


Karen said...

I think Christmas would be a hard time for someone in your situation. Keep busy!

Nancy in MT said...

I understand and share your feelings as I lost my husband last year. The pain resurfaces in so many ways especially during this holiday.

Anonymous said...

With the recent events in CT, we are all reminded of how Christmas can be a time of sadness for so many people.

Wishing you joy and peace.


Laurene said...

I LOVE the mustard and gray together! I can't wait to see the finished baby quilt. Thinking of you, friend <3