Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Design Thursday

  Well it's not really a new design just because it's Thursday, but I have been busy and I have one new design I can show you.  My design wall currently has the finishing touches on one quilt, there are two others that have been bound and are ready to be shipped off to Primitive Magazine and an additional two, one a soon to be Freebie, and the other I'm publishing are waiting very patiently by the computer to be typed up.  "Garden of Life" is now up on my website.  I will have kits available, but have not got around to getting those up on the web.
#367 Garden of Life $6.00
 This was first sketched as an 8 x 10 but I changed it to the smaller version of 5 x 7, which helps to keep the costs down.  At some point I have to stop producing new designs and start getting ready for Spring Quilt Market in 6 weeks!  OK, officially freaking out.

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Anna said...

I look forward to meeting you are Market!!! your designs are wonderful!