Friday, April 5, 2013

Casual Friday

  My desktop is the place that photos end up for a particular blog post.  Sometimes by the end of the month I'm left with a few photos that just don't go together but are too darn cute to be deleted.   So I'm declaring today "casual Friday" here at the Simply Put headquarters (my home office) and clearing off the desktop while wearing pajamas and drinking coffee.  I went to pick up some fabric at fellow quilter Stacy's house and her pretty girl kitty had just gotten her lion's cut and was sitting on mommies quilt bench .
Sup n Sew has become famous for more supping than sewing.  Thinking that they were somewhat more diet friendly, Elisabeth brought teeny tiny chocolate eclairs for us to dine on.  That worked great till we each had half a dozen.
I love when you share!  Patti sent me this photo of her version of the FREE spring basket matt that I offered last month.  Thank you Patti it is toots adorbs, that's crazy California speak for really darn cute.
On top of debuting my line at Portland I decided to buy a table at Sample Spree the night before.  This week has me prepping, printing, cutting and stuffing the 300 kits that I need to have available for that night.  What the heck was I thinking.  
This morning my inbox had an email regarding Spree.  My table number is #122 and I was on page 3 of the 6 page list.  In other words there are going to be a whole lot of vendors at sample spree that night.    I think I'm getting a headache.


Karleen said...

Have a good time at spring market. I was doing market many years ago when I had a pattern line. Sample Spree is a lot of fun but be ready for a wild time as there are loads of people comimg to spree. Good luck on your business. I am hoping to go to market as a teacher,

Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

Good luck at market! I too have been on the verge of heading that way. Perhaps next time for me. I hope it goes great for you!