Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Helping Hands

   My company is small.  I have a staff of one, that being me.  When something like Market comes up and I'm pulling my hair out, my fellow quilters always come to my aid.  This weekend was no different.  I am really trying to get a new, large, design in some sort of shape so that I can work on the embroidery part of it on my trip.  Hearing the exasperation in my voice Susan came to my rescue.  I was able to hand off 60 plus 2 1/2" strips, layered in order I wanted them grouped, and she agreed to sew them.  So what a treat when I opened my door this morning and what was on my porch?
 Of course she had also taken the time to sub cut the strips for me.
Truly this exceeded my expectations but the bakery bag contained a giant cream cheese cinnamon burst scone! 
Which once consumed gave me such a burst of energy that by weeks end I might be able to check this off my to do list.  Thank you Susan and thank you to everyone who sees a need and pitches in.

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Cathy said...

Wow what a wonderful friend. Hugs