Thursday, April 18, 2013

What's on the Honey Q?

  Down to two large custom quilts to complete before I leave.  My Honey Q has been humming away as I try to get the quilts completed and back to their owners.  Last night these two got picked up.  Theresa's buggy barn flowers and birdhouses made with Moda fabrics.
 And a little baby boy who came about 3 weeks early will have this quilt ready for him when he gets home from the hospital.
Speaking of babies...its my daughter's birthday today.  I left a photo album on her bed full of pictures of her first year.  How does time fly by so quickly?
At least we still have our mutual love of chocolate.  


Cathy said...

Love the quilts. How old is your daughter? She was very adorable in the picture. Hugs

Ruth said...

She's adorable! I say the same thing about time flying, however, my "baby" is 40 and an Air Force Major!