Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Sew Whats

  Yesterday I took a break from it all.  Met with some of my favorite ladies, each so diverse in their personalities and backgrounds.  The one thing that binds us together...our love of sewing.
I put more primitive stitching onto my wool applique'.
 Shirley began a new rug hooking project.
 Donna had three stacks of tiny little log cabin blocks she was sewing.
 Diana was free motion quilting some steering wheel covers for her grandchildren.
 Kathie stepped outside her box and began this Buggy Barn star quilt.
 Janiel was piecing the backs for the Dr. Seuss quilts for her grandsons.
 Jackie brought her Sea Shore applique' blocks but spent more time talking than sewing.
 We meet, we laugh, we forget for a moment of time the stresses of our everyday lives.  This is why we have sewing groups, which soon become friendship groups.  I for one would be lost without my girls.  Have a peace filled week, Laural


Bowbailey said...

Yes it's a great day when you're busy having lunch with your sewing friends and in walks the girl who is holding down the fort at work! Thanks for making it a great day as usual

andsewon said...

Those are the best days and ones we all need from time to time. Kindred spirits! Your giveaway package arrived yesterday! Thanks again. I enjoyed some wonderful bedtime reading! Want to do every project in the magazine!