Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Full Circle

 I'm here!  Spring Quilt Market set up begins today, but as I look out my hotel window and see that the rain has begun to fall, I am transported back in time. 
   Not many people know that 5 years ago I actually had an airline ticket in my hand and was ready to fly to Portland Spring Quilt Market.  The weekend before was Mother's Day just like it was now.  The only difference was my husband had been having health issues, well really we weren't sure what was going on.  All I knew was for 2 months we had been dealing with urgent care visits, leaving work early, not feeling well and not getting any answers.  So by the time I was starting to pack for Portland my frustration level was through the roof, after all I couldn't leave my family to pursue my dream if someone wasn't feeling well.  
   It was Mother's Day, I spoke more harshly than I intended, this time I sent him to urgent care alone and with one request, no a demand, do not come home till they do something for you, call me when you know anything.  There was a call that afternoon, but it was from the doctor at the ER in Riverside, "Mrs. Schultz? We have your husband Ron here. Ma'am he'd like to speak with you."  But he couldn't speak so I asked for the doctor to be put back on the phone and that's when I was told the news that changed our lives forever, "we have found a mass on his brain".
   Today I have come full circle, quilt market is back in Portland and this time so am I.  My hopes and dreams are packed in a suitcase marked Simply Put samples.  Our son Reid has come along to help with set up and secretly he's my life line, my reminder, as to all that we have been through to get to this point and why I have been working so hard to make this a success.  I am excited and nervous and incredibly grateful to be here.


Kay Harmon said...

I had no idea what you've been through. I hope you have a wonderfully successful market. I'm not going to make it (I'm minding the store) but Darlene and Debby will definitely stop by and visit with you.
Sew Graceful Quilting

marie said...

I wish you the best. Dream big. Enjoy your time in our beautiful state. Wish I could be there to give you a hug. May you be over whelmed with orders.

Bowbailey said...

I am just do incredibly happy for you right now. I am just hoping this market will be very successful for you. Say hi to Reid and I can't wait to hear all the up dates. You Go Girl!!!