Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

  Even if Mother's Day wasn't on your radar, if you watch TV at all you can't miss its arrival.  Wow, the pressure our children and spouses are under to make this everything a mother would dream of.  I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer 22 years ago.
Without my mom in my life, I started a new tradition.  On Mother's Day I send a card to a mom who exemplifies the qualities of a loving, caring mother, just so she knows how very important her job is and her sacrifices are recognized.
   One such woman is Mickey.  Her dedication to her family, both blood and by marriage, has made all of us who call her mom so grateful to fall under her umbrella of love.
  I love you Mickey, or as Reid says G-ma.
To all my mom friends and followers I wish you a very happy Mother's Day.
PS:  No more posts from me until Spring Market!!  Please come by and say hi if you are attending, I'll be in space #1705.  


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a beautiful tradition. I love my Mom over 30 years ago, and my sweet mother in love passed a year ago. It makes for a sad Mother's Day.

Sandy said...

I like that tradition - I know just some Moms that could use a card too. My mom came to live with us in 2011 after a stroke. Not only did I lose my husband in January of 2012 and then our mom in November (she was 93). This will be our first Mother's Day without her. And just an update on myself - it's been slow going but I'm spending so much more time in my sewing room. Now that I see all my projects I don't know what to do first. I've got three hand projects going too. Good luck at market - we used to call sample spree "stab and grab" - it's a very fast moving place, at least in Houston. Enjoy and have fun - you'll meet a lot of nice people.
Happy Mother's Day. Sandy