Thursday, May 30, 2013

When Girls Gather

   When we gather for a sewing session you never really know what or who is going to show up.  Our monthly meeting at Pieced with Love has grown into quite a group.  Kerry drove up from her long arm studio to put a binding on this cute little quilt and to catch up with all the girls she used to work with.
 Stacy takes a midnight madness class over at Temecula Quilt Company.  She had homework to get done for that class so that's what she was working on.
 In 2008 Sharon and I went to the June Lake retreat hosted by Cheri Payne and her sister Berri.  This wall hanging was a part of that retreat.  It was done as a block exchange.  It may take a while but Sharon will always finish her UFO's.
 Diana is leaving for vacation soon, a long drive across country to attend a family wedding.  She needed to get this binding done before she left.  We may have been talking too much for that to happen but that is the point of these gatherings, right?
 While Jackie was out of the room I snapped a picture of her hand applique'.  Honestly it was the little wool pincushion bob that I found most intriguing.
 Janiel was sewing the tiniest of bow tie blocks.
 This quilt by Kim Diehl was hanging right above my head. 
As it turns out Susan, who could only join us for lunch, is sewing the exact same quilt.  It's good to be home and back amongst my quilting sewing circle.


Jacqueline said...

Aren't quilting buddies just the best...

Bowbailey said...

This is great that I was able to see what everyone was working on and always great to see and hear everyone's voice-very comforting