Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Break from the World

   My first Quilt Market is a week behind me.  Instead of coming home I drove another 6 hours to the very tip of Washington state for a long overdue visit with my dad.  As a Navy brat we never called any place home longer than 4 years.  The one constant was the two towns my parents had come from.  So when I need to go home, this is where I go.  The first destination is the beach, many years ago they put in a paved pathway and rebuilt the old bridge over the river.
 Dad and I, that looks like happiness to me.
 When I need inspiration, it isn't very far from the back door.
 We don't watch TV, we watch the birds on the feeder.
 Granny's house (now dad's) hasn't changed in all the years I have been going there.
It was a quick visit just 2 and half days, but it did me a world of good.  Now to ship out the QM orders, submit some new block designs, follow up on all the contacts I made and oh yeah, get back to work.

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