Saturday, June 29, 2013

So Cal Quilters Run

There wasn't a plan in place to actually do the run this year.  In fact it wasn't until Wednesday that we even decided to go.  So picking one of the four sections we headed out early, on a hot summer day, to be a part of this long held tradition.  So many of the shops don't allow photos anymore that I have to admit I got a little gun shy about even asking.  So my only photos today are of the fabrics I purchased.  I noticed more modern fabric sections showing up in the shops than memory serves.  That's good because I really like these new fabrics.
 I found two civil war fabrics which just screamed to be taken home, the others are for needle case kits.
 The giveaway this year was a marble fat quarter.  Each shop also has a pattern published in a very nice full color book which retails for $19.95.
 In years past I have been busy working the run and never been able to go out and actually run.  I can see the appeal of it.  We got to visit stores out of our area and made mental notes on which ones we would come back to.  Of course the best part of the run is spending time with your friends who also enjoy the hobby of quilting.  


paulette said...

You done me proud!! Love your purchases!! Fun!

joanette said...

Really enjoyed visiting this booth at the LBQuilt Show. Looking forward to following this blog. My first one ever!!!