Monday, September 16, 2013

Flying Geese Show-Part 1

This weekend took me to Aliso Viejo California for the Flying Geese Quilt Guild Show.  It was held on the beautiful campus of Soka University.  
 The only thing that paled the surroundings was the splendor of the quilts on display.
I decided to take a before and after photo of my space.  Here is before, obviously.
 And three hours later this is the after.  I may need to start practicing editing??
 I hung the two versions of Both a Blessing.  Amazing how many people thought it was two different designs.  Fabric choices make all the difference in the world.
 Lets see some the last minute I stuck my finger into the frame to show you the scale of this very large yet very tiny quilt.
Antique Quilt from Lindsay Fulmer
Cool Time Summer by Denise Nelms
Desert Blooms by Pam Hadfield
Whig Rose 2012 by Nancy Chocek 
USS Cumberland by Joanne Florence
Happy-Owl-O-Ween by Pam Hadfield
Black-Eyed Susans by Jan Kirby
This may end up being a three part series because there was so much eye candy at this show.  Stay tuned this week as I add more photos.


Bowbailey said...

Your booth looked wonderful! It's amazing it only took you 3 hours to put that booth together!!! No wonder you have a hurt finger

linda said...

Your booth looks great. I am amazed anew by the talented people of the quilting world!