Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let's Share

Monday night a few of us got together to work on our projects.  This is the Sew Originals group and we have been meeting for a few years.  Here's what everyone was up to that night.
Susan completed this My Red Door Design pattern.
Midnight Stars
I have been sewing samples for quilt shops who are placing orders for my patterns.  This night I finished Day Complete and Antique Story.
 Janiel is the Happy Quilting Lady, which means she long arm sews for many many customers, including me!  She has done the quilting on two of my big quilts and one of those will be published in the Summer 2014 edition of Primitives magazine.  Here she showed us a Buggy Barn star quilt she had just finished quilting for a customer.
 Carolyn's Turkey quilt (an original design) was also completed and ready for binding.
I know today is 9/11.  It is also my wedding anniversary day.  If Ron were still alive we would have been together 25 years.  I'm choosing to spend this day reflecting more on the lovely memories we shared and smile as I reflect on them.  Our nation is healing, my heart is healing, we will never forget.


WoolenSails said...

The quilts are beautiful and love the fall colors you used. My sympathies are with you and I hope your heart is filled with love in the coming year.


Sandy said...

Thinking of you and your family today........