Monday, September 23, 2013

Tutorial-Chain Stitch Embroidery

I spent the weekend working on a new design.  For anyone who knows my style you know that I love adding some hand embroidery into almost every design I create.  This new one is no exception.  There is a stitch I have been using lately and I thought I would show you how to sew it.  The Chain stitch is great for veins on leaves or small branches, any line that you want to have a thicker look.  Using one strand of Pearl cotton thread bring your needle up through the back of your project.
 Form a small loop with the thread and bring the needle back down near beginning of stitch.
 Pivot up about 1/4" into the center of the loop.
 Slowly tighten your thread, pulling loop smaller.  This is your first chain.
 Insert needle next to your thread at the top of the loop.
 Repeat the slow tightening of the loop.
 This is your next chain.  
 Continue until you reach the desired length.
To end your chain stitch simply bring your needle to the back of your project right at the top of the loop and tie it off as you normally would.  Hope this was helpful.

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