Monday, September 30, 2013

What's on the Honey Q

Last week I came down with a cold?  Really no symptoms other than absolutely no energy and a general sense of yuk.  I was well on my way to getting quite a few quilts done for customers before it hit me.  Now I'm a week behind and have two shows looming.  I was able to get Laurene's Glamping quilt completed.   
 While attending a night class at Sewing Party I took some time to study the quilting they did on all the modern quilts hanging.  I realized that the majority of the quilts were done with a minimal amount of stitching.  So I decided to practice on this quilt.  Sewing a geometric pattern in each corner of each square.
 I also had two customers share the projects of mine which they had competed.  The first is a Mark Twain saying that Dawn completed in a nice 8 x 10 frame.   This is not a published design.
 Beverly Ziese purchased one of my Three Throws patterns and the red kit at a recent show.  She put the quilt together so quickly and wanted to purchase another.  She sent me the picture of how she had used wool and combined all the applique' to put her own unique twist on my design.
Love it and so grateful that she shared her work with me.  Great job ladies!  Okay no more laying around for me time to fake my way to feeling better and get back to work.

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Laurene said...

You did such a fantastic job on my Glamping quilt! I really LOVE it <3