Monday, October 14, 2013

Mountain Quilters Quilt Show

   Good Morning!  Waking up in my own bed always puts a bigger bounce in my step.  I spent this past weekend up in our local mountain community of Idyllwild.
 It was their annual quilt show, my first time attending.
 The show was a bit later in the year than they usually have it so we were treated with snow!
Some of the quilts on display during the show...
Deb's Basket of Color by Billie Kercmar
Pineapples by Eva Creason
Bloom Quilt by Eva Creason
Double Wedding Ring by Larry Edwards
Geese on Point by Billie Kercmar
 We had such a good time up at the show.  
A huge thank you to the guild for their support of the vendors.  And I really need the recipe for that pumpkin surprise dessert!

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Cathie J said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilt show pictures. I love pineapple quilts and the basket quilt is gorgeous.