Saturday, January 25, 2014

Best Show Ever!!

   We start talking about Road long before Christmas.   Who's going, who you riding with, who we will see, what we will buy.  So as the date approaches the anticipation gets almost to the breaking point.  But finally it's time!!  I will be honest with you, the quilts are usually the last thing we are excited about seeing, it's the vendors that get us salivating.  Once again they didn't disappoint.  Here I am in the Quilts in the Attic booth, surrounded by Simply Put patterns and kits, yeah!!
 I know I said it wasn't about the quilts but they still caught my eye and held my attention.
Neutral & Neon by Latifah Saafir
 The quilting on these are what caught my attention.

Big Bertha by Margaret Solomon Gunn

Confetti by Joyce Paterson
Winter's Veil by Patt L Blair

Capturing Brittany by Lenore Crawford
Willow by Debra Crine
Fall n Star by Jan Mathews
 Did I pick up a few things?  Why yes I did.  
Can't wait to get started on a new table runner design using my Day of the Dead fabrics.  I won't give up on designing in a primitive format but I am sure attracted to the modern fabrics these days.


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful quilts and I like the Winter's veil. I do prim, but I enjoy doing fun pieces too and would like to try art pieces this year.


Anna said...

Have a grand time! I am definately going next year!

paulette said... did I miss that booth???? DARN! Here I thought I hit them all! You are right though...the BEST show yet!! I had a blast!!
Can't wait till next year!!

Bowbailey said...

Great photo!! Yes it was a great show and so much eye candy!! Thank you for all your photos to remind us of the day